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Grow'n Win! The crystallization contest at RUB - Blaupause

There were so many big and perfect crystals! There was one crystal however, which was perfect and the biggest with 320┬Ám.

The winner is Jan G.! Congratulations!

Please contact us!

After great participiation from all of you, we hope you had as much fun as we did. Here are the results of your very successful crystallisation setups!

Ulrike K.

Hanne S.

Erich S.

Frederike S.

Julian K.

Jan G.

Mia G.

Ravi T.

Amelie K.

Max H.

Rene P.

Finn K.

Riccarda A.

Katja D.

Henry B.

Julia B.

Tim S.

Annika U.

Valerian O.

Tanja O.

Tim K.

Moni M.

Kevin N.

Felix W.

Chris W.

Sabrina D.

Angelina D.


Susanne K.

Tobias K.

Laura B.

Svenja S.

Colin P.

Nina S.


Bärbel P.


Ralf P.


Jessica J.

Yuri S.

Can K.

Lara K.

Johanna Z.

Kira F.

Daria K.

Petra H.